About Us

We sell hand picked, budget friendly clothing items, sourced from factory outlets and stock surplus sales around the world. The store aims to make fashion accessible to everyone, regardless of their spending capacity.

The Idea

Juna’s Collections start with the passion of our founder Juneca to find clothing items at a low cost. Being a vocalist with a professional, Filipino band based in Dubai, Juneca was always admired by her followers for her taste in clothing. This always resulted in enquiries on social media as to where she found a particular piece of clothing from and Juna’s Collections slowly was envisioned.



Satisfied Customers in UAE and Growing

Est. 2021

Our Story, In the Words of our Founder

Every idea starts with a problem.

My problem was that I loved clothes but couldn’t afford them!

My name is Juneca and my friends call me Juna. I’ve always been passionate about music and fashion. The pandemic has made both those things almost redundant. With my full-time job as a professional singer being virtually non-existent my love for fashion also had to take a back seat.

These have been tough times for all of us and I believe that we need to hold on to the positive things that cheer us up. The giddy pleasures of getting great deals on my clothes was a little something that uplifted me and made me feel better in these challenging times. I started looking around and spending hours on end, to find gems of clothing, for a quarter of the price the malls sold them for. And then it hit me! I could do what I love (find affordable clothing) AND help people in similar shoes, people who didn’t have the time to hunt around OR the money to shop in malls.

Thus was born Juna’s Collections, my own little oasis of trendy affordable fashion.

All the trendy wear at Juna’s Collections have been passionately hand-picked by me and reflect my style. Through Juna’s Collections I intend to bring curated, trendy fashion on a budget to you! Juna’s Collections is like that friend who accompanies you on your shopping sprees, who helps you choose the best in stock, who keeps your budget in mind and who ensures you leave the store happy and good-looking.

My Mission:
To celebrate YOU. Wearing colors YOU love. In styles that emphasize who YOU are. To inspire YOU. One outfit at a time.